joomla unified

I just read a post from a long time contributor to Joomla, Samuel Moffatt, who took some time to give his parting thoughts now that he's decided to step away from the Joomla project for a while. The email Sam wrote was extremely long and covered a lot of topics, so I decided to break these down into bite sized chunks so others can respond here with comments of their own on the  topic.

A quote from Samuel Moffatt:

One of the long standing things I've wanted to do is start a process of identity unification and centralization.

In other words, Sam is suggesting that the family of sites should have a single login for each user, and that data across all sites should point back to a unified user profile. I think this has merit and is something that has been suggested and discussed in the past.

One advantage Sam mentioned is a Personal Dashboard for Achievements. This could be useful to show number of forum posts, mailing list posts, or even how many commits or pull requests someone has made.

  • Is this something you would like to see happen within the family of sites?
  • Would you prefer to log into the Forum, JED or Joomla Community Magazine with a single username and password?
  • Would you like to know that your accomplishments are not going unnoticed?
  • Do you think this would encourage more people to volunteer? 

Reference: You can find the original email here: